Oliver North

This guy is famous on TV, but he’s been a true-blue dickwad for decades.  How did he become famous?  In the notorious Reagan-era Iran-Contra Scandal, that’s how.  What the hell was the Iran-Contra scandal?

Okay.  It’s very simple.  While a member of the National Security Council, this jerk sold arms to our enemies in Iran.  He then took the boatloads of money he made and gave it to a bunch of right-wing commandos in Nicaragua, which was completely illegal.  The money was laundered through some fascist Lousiana banker.  What a surprise.

The actions of the Contras were described by The Catholic Institute for International Relations, as “one of consistent and bloody abuse of human rights, of murder, torture, mutilation, rape, arson, destruction and kidnapping.” Ollie really knows how to support the good guys, si?

Other horrors committed by the Contras against their Sandanista foes are actually too sick to report here.  Reagan was all too happy to aid the Contras, afraid the Sandanista government was some kind of liberal socialists (sound familiar?) so he instructed the CIA to conduct secrets ops against them.  Keep in mind that the Contras were usually funded by drug money, specifically crack cocaine sales.  Senator John Kerry is the man who brought this nastiness to light.

Luckily, Reagan’s plea to Congress to throw tons of money at this disgusting group was roundly rejected in 1988.

J. Parnell Thomas

Parnell Thomas will always be remembered as the most notorious Chairman of the HUAC which began the blacklisting trials. He managed to screw up the lives of countless innocent people–especially those in the arts–and their families.
  • He worked in cahoots with Hollywood studio bosses who wanted to get rid of certain movie stars.
  • He hated FDR and considered him a Communist.
  • He hated FDR’s New Deal and considered it a Communist plot.
  • Thomas was later convicted of corruption and fraud, and sent to the same prison in Connecticut as the men he prosecuted. Ironically, he refused to answer questions at his own trial.
  • A Republican (what a surprise!) and a real SOB.
  • Encouraged people to rat out their closest friends, which finally worked with asshole director Eddie Dmytryk.
  • Fell in love with Top Ten Asshole of History Joe McCarthy.
  • Mentored the young and impressionable A-Hole-in-training Richard Nixon.
  • Ruined the lives of talented screenwriters Herbert Biberman, writer of Academy Award winner “Bridge Over the River Kwai,” Lester Cole, screenwriter of “Born Free,” Ring Lardner Jr., writer of Academy Award winner “Woman of the Year,” “Laura” and “MASH,” Adrian Scott, producer of film noirs “Murder, My Sweet” and “Crossfire,” Dalton Trumbo, writer of “Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo.”